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Wilo plays as a champion partner for Borussia Dortmund since we share the same values. We always seek the most efficient path to our intended goal. Wilo pumps help to distribute water in millions of households in a clean and energy-efficient manner. As a globally active company, we continue to develop new solutions to make our pump systems even more efficient. Anyone who uses their efficient pump right can profit from its many benefits. What’s more, with non-residential buildings as well.

According to which rules are you playing? – Take part and win!

Every game has its rules and in Dortmund we play according to our own. You can now win 2 x 2 tickets for a Borussia Dortmund home game in the second half of the season.

  • Simply make your own Dortmund rules of the game.
  • Make your rule the most popular.
  • Share it on Facebook and collect “likes”.
  • The most popular rules on match day will go into the draw.

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